Royalty-free acoustic songs

Emotive indie folk, post-rock, and progressive music, perfect for a range of commercial projects

The following One Man Book mp3s can be streamed and downloaded for free to in order to determine suitability for your project. If you decide to purchase a license, you will receive a WAV file to use in your final project. Search by genre, mood, or individual album

Mood: Playful

Disturbing Hybrid

Mood: Dreamy, Playful

Genres: Instrumental, Post-Rock

The Beauty of Authenticity

Mood: Playful, Joyful

Genres: Acoustic, Instrumental

Modern Compersion

Mood: Joyful, Playful

Genres: Acoustic, Instrumental

Unreliable Narrator

Mood: Relaxed, Playful

Genres: Acoustic, Instrumental

This Strange Article

Mood: Haunting, Playful

Genres: Acoustic, Instrumental

Beside the Lioness

Mood: Confident, Playful

Genres: Acoustic, Indie Folk

You & My Friend

Mood: Playful, Moving

Genres: Acoustic, Indie Folk